Video Interviewing Service

Video interviewing allows a hiring manager to know the person beyond what can be seen on paper. By enhancing the resume, this tool helps you select the right candidates.


 One Way Video Interviewing


 Two Way Video Interviewing

Do you ever feel like your hiring process is a little…


  • Outdated?
  • Inefficient?
  • Impersonal?


If so, it is time to look into the innovative solution of video interviewing.

Concerned about  discrimination and compliance?  Video interviewing is simply one tool to enhance your process, and it doesn't break discrimination laws, infringe upon employee rights, or undermine diverse hiring practices.

Want a more cost-effective way to interview out-of-town candidates? Need to include more colleagues in the selection process? Video interviews can be accessed 24/7, allowing you to share with other stakeholders and even review potential hires after work hours.

No Webcam, No Problem


Wondering how your candidates record videos if they don’t have a webcam? Candidates can use our mobile app-- available for both iOS and Android devices.


S2NC develops interview templates consisting of text or video-based questions for your candidates to answer on their own time via webcam. We help make hiring HUMAN again.

Many characteristics, such as enthusiasm and professionalism--are best evaluated by meeting someone.  With video interviewing, your candidates are right there in front of you, which not only makes it easier to remember them but also shows which candidates stand out from the rest. By implementing video interviewing, companies are able to come to better hiring decisions in less time.

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