In-Person Interviewing


If you don’t have time for time-consuming in-person interviews with all of the qualified candidates for a job, Soup2Nuts Consulting offers the service of conducting in-person interviews on your behalf. We select the top candidates through a comprehensive in-person interview, and then you can hire immediately or you can do a confirming interview before making a job offer.

Test Potential Candidates


Get hard data that provides research-based proof that a candidate meets your company's specifications. S2NC can offer a suite of applicant testing to determine readiness for jobs in your business, including personality, cognitive ability, and skills assessments.

Meet Candidates via Video


Video interviewing allows a hiring manager to get to know the person beyond what can be shown on a resume. After all, how can you “see” greatness and potential through paper anyway? By enhancing the resume, S2NC's video interviews help identify top-notch talent and narrow down to the right finalists.

Screen Job Applicants


S2NC takes on all work to screen hundreds of applicants for each job you need filled, rank them, and identify candidates who fit the jobs. Powered by our  premier applicant tracking system, our consultants work efficiently to evaluate large volumes of applicant resumes and find qualified candidates.

Hiring Assistance Services

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