One Way Video Interviewing


 One Way Video Interviewing


 Two Way Video Interviewing


One-way video interviews provide more insight about candidates in a fraction of the time a phone interview takes.  Candidates record their responses to interview questions and then you can review them on-demand. Utilize our one-way video interview feature to review your candidates at your convenience. Video interviewing using the S2NC service brings your candidates to life.

Never Have a Bad Interview Again


A lot of effort goes into an in-person interview-- scheduling, administrative work, a chunk of time out of your day. Save your in-person interview effort for the best candidates by weeding out those unfit for the job using video interviews as an initial interview.

Screen Candidates 10 Times Faster


Tired of spending 30 minutes on the phone with a candidate you knew was wrong for the position in the first 90 seconds? If you don’t like a candidate, move on to the next one. With S2NC video interviewing, you can complete 100-200 video interviews in the time it used to take you to get through 10 phone interviews.

Improve Hiring Collaboration


 Share interview recordings with anyone involved in the hiring process. Get team members’ opinions and validate the decision to advance a candidate to the next step. With all interviews being recorded your entire team can review interviews when their schedules permit.



No Webcam, No Problem:


Wondering how your candidates record videos if they don’t have a webcam? Our mobile app is  available for both iOS and Android devices.


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