In-Person Interviewing


Resumes only tell part of the story. If an applicant is as good as he/she looks on paper, that's an easy find. If an applicant can grow over time within your company but doesn't show that on paper, that's an opportunity.


S2NC understands that your time is precious and you need to save it for only the best candidates. We will pre-screen every candidate before an in-person interview is conducted. In-person interviews can be done on or off site, depending on your needs.


At S2NC, we enjoy meeting job applicants everyday. We look for opportunities to fill your hard-to-place roles with the best people available. Our goal with any interview is to get to know the person and to help advocate for both the employer and the employee.

During the interview, we gauge applicants one-on-one interactions to see if they align with your company mission and goals. S2NC is here to help you make the right hiring decision.

Hiring Assistance Services

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