Esmilda Abreu Ph.D

Senior Management Consultant

Dr. Esmilda Abreu-Hornbostel is the senior consultant with Soup2Nuts Consulting and specializes in helping organizations develop in the areas of management, leadership, negotiations, and mentoring.


She has a strong background in promoting diversity in organizations, having established the Bias Response Task-force for Montclair State University and served as Vice President of Latino Caucus and Co-Chair of the Mentoring Committee on the Presidential Commission of Affirmative Action at Montclair State University. Currently, Dr. Abreu-Hornbostel is working on diversity initiatives at Pratt Institute and assisting the New Jersey Consortium of Women and Gender Studies.


Dr. Abreu-Hornbostel has served as program coordinator for NJ Department of Labor single parents and displaced homemakers program. She specializes in helping businesses provide successful manager training, foster employee engagement, and establish effective organizational policies and procedures.


Dr. Abreu-Hornbostel has also worked on transformation with the following not-for-profit organizations:


  • Bergen Family Center, NJCASA
  • Oasis
  • Linda and Rudy Slucker Center
  • Girl Scouts of New Jersey
  • ACE-Network
  • Women’s Rights Information Center
  • Athena Collaborative Group
  • Arts and Health Alliance of New Jersey
  • YMCA
  • Urban League
  • NAACP Montclair
  • The New Road Map Foundation
  • American Conference of Diversity
  • Tri-State Diversity Council
  • Barat Foundation
  • New Jersey Coaltion Against Human Trafficking
  • Latino Psychological Association


She worked at New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Cardiac Thoracic Surgery Department with Dr. Mehmet Oz and is a current Board Member for the Mental Health Clinic of Passaic.

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