Assessment Service

S2NC uses PAN, a leading provider of applicant assessments in the areas of job skills, personality, and cognitive abilities.


Determine ability to reason, solve problems, and think critically.


Determine capability to perform necessary, job-related tasks.


Assess propensity to engage in counterproductive behaviors in a workplace.


Evaluate a person’s past experiences and behaviors to predict future success.


Identify consistent patterns of thought and behavior important to your specific workplace.

Find the right people for different roles on your team.

Proven tests help you make data-driven hiring decisions.

S2NC will assess qualified applicants to ensure fit to your organization using industrial/organizational tests.

For small and mid-size businesses, each hiring decision is critical – there is little room for error when you’re moving quickly to seize market opportunities.

Identify patterns of thought and behavior important to your workplace. Choose the best applicants to move to the next stage of your hiring process..

We only offer validated assessments – so you can accurately predict which job candidates will succeed in specific roles.

Hiring Assistance Services

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